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A Great Lifestyle depends on Good Management

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Continence management is an ongoing challenge for all adults with spina bifida. The key is to keep informed, aware and well managed.

Released in January 2002, our information is the most recent thinking on all issues relating to continence management.

This website is designed to provide information about continence management (both bladder and bowel) in spina bifida for both:

• medical and health practitioners, and
• adolescents and young adults with spina bifida, and their families

Spina bifida is a serious disability. However, most people with spina bifida can live full and rich lives. We know that getting incontinence managed effectively is a big key to the door to a rich and full life.

Medical and health practitioners don’t know much about spina bifida, and the nature of incontinence in spina bifida. They have asked for information.

Young people with spina bifida are always on the lookout for strategies to get their incontinence under control so they can work, go to school, socialise, form relationships, have children….. They too have asked for tips.

You will find both here:

• professionally written and reviewed medical material on incontinence to help doctors diagnose, refer, and advise
• user friendly tips and strategies for adults with spina bifida, with a planning diary

Use it. It will help.